How We Help Employees

In a typical employer-employee relationship, the balance of power often seems to lie with the employer. When an employer decides who and when to hire and dictates much of the employment arrangement, they naturally assume an advantageous position.

However, as some employers have historically exploited this position, federal, provincial, and municipal governments have developed bodies of employment law, legislation, codes of human rights, health and safety charters, and anti-discrimination policies. Employees have rights to fair treatment in the workplace, and entitlements if their employer chooses to terminate their employment.

As an experienced employment law firm, we help employees fight for the rights and entitlements they are provided by employment law. Below are some of the most common types of employment conflicts we help people manage.

Helping Employees with Wrongful Dismissal Claims

Dismissal Claims

Understand your rights when it comes to unfair or without cause termination.

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Helping Employees Deal with Severance Packages & Related Issues


You may be entitled to much more than what your employer is offering. We can help.

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Helping Employees Deal With Constructive Dismissal Claims


Your employer can’t arbitrarily change your contract conditions. You have rights.

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Helping Employees Deal with Workplace Harassment & Bullying Issues

Workplace Harassment
& Bullying

The law provides that no-one should have to tolerate harassment or bullying.

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Helping Employees Deal with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace & Related Issues

Sexual Harassment
in the Workplace

Employers are obligated to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment.