Employment Contracts

If you have received an offer of employment or an employment contract, congratulations. But should you sign on that dotted line right away? Can you negotiate your contract, and should you ask for any changes?

While obtaining an offer of employment is exciting, particularly after a long period of unemployment, we recommend that you have your contract reviewed by an experienced employment lawyer before you sign it. Aside from base salary and a start date, employment contracts contain key terms that govern the working relationship and its end. The contract will include terms about probationary periods, post-termination entitlements, bonuses and incentive-based compensation, and non-solicitation and non-compete restrictive covenants.

Review the fine print of your employment contract with us and understand the terms used. We will advise if any part of the contract should be negotiated and how to negotiate them or whether clauses simply be left alone because they are unenforceable.

Contact us today if you have an employment contract offer. We will help you understand the terms and conditions before you sign it back.

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