Workplace Harassment & Bullying

Ontario employers are legally obligated to provide their employees with a workplace free from bullying and harassment.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, “workplace harassment” is defined as engaging in “vexatious comment or conduct against a worker that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.” Such personal harassment which typically happens more than once can include:

  • Offensive, embarrassing, humiliating, or demeaning words including verbal abuse or jokes
  • Spreading malicious gossip or rumours about employee
  • Conduct that is meant to intimidate, isolate, or discriminate against an employee
  • Imposing excessive disciplinary actions
  • Creating a hostile work environment
  • Sexual harassment

Harassment is assessed based on an objective standard. Therefore, not all workplace conflicts or behaviours which cause someone to feel uncomfortable meet the legal standard of workplace harassment. So if you have been bullied or harassed at work, it is important to consult with an experienced employment lawyer right away. We will advise you of your legal rights and obligations and provide you with practical options and all available remedies.

Contact us today if you have suffered workplace harassment or bullying. You deserve a safe and respectful workplace.

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