Wrongful Dismissal Claims

Employers can generally let go of non-unionized employees at any time and without having to provide cause or a reason (as long as the termination was not illegal or discriminatory.)  Non-unionized employees do not have guaranteed job protection.

However, if an employee is terminated “without cause”, their employer must provide them with reasonable notice of job termination or payment in lieu of notice, usually referred to as a severance or termination package. If the employer does not provide such reasonable notice or payment in lieu, a wrongful dismissal has occurred.

A wrongful dismissal can also happen if an employer unlawfully claims that it had “cause” to dismiss the employee on grounds such as performance issues or misconduct when in reality it had no cause.

If you have concerns about the way you were dismissed or believe you did not receive sufficient notice or a proper severance package, consult with an experienced employment lawyer right away. We will advise you of your legal rights and obligations and provide you with practical options and all available remedies.

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Helping Employees with Wrongful Dismissal Claims

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