How We Help Employers

Great employees are essential to running a successful business. But while most employer-employer relationships are mutually beneficial and harmonious, an unhappy or disgruntled employee can be put tremendous strain on your business. We help employers protect their organizations by ensuring the proper contracts are in place when new employees are hired, that appropriate due diligence is conducted, and that your organization is fairly defended in the event of conflict.

Employment Contracts & Independent Contractor Agreements


Put the right contracts in place as new employees join your organization.

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Helping Employers Deal With Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuits & Claims

Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuits

Protect your organization from employees who feel they were wrongfully dismissed.

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Helping Employers Deal with Human Resources & Workplace Policies

Human Resources &
Workplace Policies

Develop policies & procedures to protect your employees and your organization.

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Helping Employers Deal with Workplace Investigations


Ensure any complaint investigations are conducted in full legislative compliance.

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